Thursday, 5 September 2013

PaperArtsy #3Up Challenge.

wow, wow, wow!!!! I am soooooo pleased to blog this as it means so much to me. This is probably one of the best things I have taken
part in during my crafting days. 

Being able to work with such a massive company as PaperArtsy.... I feel so privileged to have taken part and to work with some fantastic products and people.

How it all came about I hear you say..... 
A few weeks ago, I saw a post on facebook from Leandra at PaperArtsy saying there were places still available for the #3Up Challenge, sign up via twitter..... (I don't usually tweet, I'm more of a facebooker) But, being such a massive fan of PaperArtsy I just couldn't pass this opportunity up. I logged on to twitter and contacted Leandra (who is probable one of the most loveliest people I have ever 'met') and she signed me up. The Challenge would be posted on the PaperArtsy blog when completed. 

A few days later, the most wonderful package arrived on my door step. Inside were some 
a-ma-zing goodies. Stamps, ribbons, beads, all from PaperArtsy, along with a little box - weird? yes! I thought mmmm. 
After reading a little note from Leandra, it stated we needed to use the substrate provided in the package. 
Inside, was also a colour strip with the colours we could use. On my colour strip was a buttery, creamy, yellowly beige, a lovely lilacy purple and a gorgeous minty lime green. I love purple and lime, so I was well chuffed about that too. I thought this can't get any better.... It did!....

I was so giddy, I just couldn't wait to get started. I love PaperArtsy products, particularly their stamps, the variety is so varied but so detailed. I received two sets of stamps in the package.

Hot Pick 1004 stamp set

Hot Pick 1011 stamp set

I started playing with the stamps and a hundred and one ideas started floating around my head, oh I can do this, oh look at that, oh I wana do this....

I decided to look on the PaperArtsy website to see what else was available. 
I have heard some fab raves from a friend (Lou) about the PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic Paints and decided to purchase some in my chosen colour palette. 

I got Haystack, Limelight and Pansy along with the Gloss Glaze and Crackle Glaze. (Couldn't resist!) 

The next step, raid the craft room!
I dug out everything I had that was cream/yellow, purple and limy green. 

And got to work..... Leandra asked for one project, but I just couldn't stop once I got started. I did four projects in total.

Here is project #1

This was an old picture frame which I striped and sanded. Firstly, I painted it with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic Limelight paint then painted over the top with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Crackle Glaze. After it dried, I painted over the top with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Pansy paint, dried it and watched the paint crackle!

To create the background on the inside of the frame, I smeared a line of the Pansy paint down a green textured piece of card and cut it to fit in the frame with a border.

For the frame image, I put four microscope slides at different edges of the frame and stamped the birdcage image (from the Hot Pick 1004 stamp set) using Stazon black ink, making sure the stamp was touching all the slides. I attached the slides on to the background card then attached two antique gold corner flourishes to opposite corners.

For the frame, I stamped the smaller of the cog flower designs (from the Hot Pick 1004 stamp set) eight times to make two flowers and stamped the large cog flower design four times to make a larger single flower. I added a piece of PaperArtsy purple ribbon which I folded in half and stuck in the centre of each flower.

I then die cut some flowers using a Spellbinders die in different coloured paper, I randomly stamped the cream flowers using ‘the bluebird carries the sky on his back’ stamp (from the Hot Pick 1004 stamp set) and added blue and green seed beads to the centers. 

I randomly stamped the green flower using the target stamp (from the Hot Pick 1004 stamp set). I made up the flowers and added a piece of folded ribbon to the center.

I stamped the two leaf designs (from the Hot Pick 1004 stamp set) on to the same green textured card I used for the background. Cut them out, shaped them then added them to the flowers.

I tied a piece of different ribbon around the top of three antique bronze birdcages and attached them to the frame. 

This is project #1! I could have gone on fooorrrrrevvvvvvvveeeeerrrrrr!!!!!

I will be posting the other project ASAP but check out the PaperArtsy Blog to see all the other Hot Pick #3Up Challenge entries. 

Toodles for now. 



  1. Hi Lisa
    Love your box #3UP project on the Paper Artsy Blog and your frame too. Both great makes, lots of hard work and time gone into them!

    Proud to be part of the PA celebrations too :-)

  2. Hi Lisa
    Love your box #3UP project on the Paper Artsy Blog and your frame too. Both great makes, lots of hard work and time gone into them!

    Proud to be part of the PA celebrations too :-)

    1. Thanks. Hard work but well worth it wasn't it?

  3. This is lovely. Beautiful flowers and love all the textures.