Sunday, 25 March 2018

Crackle Paint @ Tando

Hi Folks, here's my post for Tando and this week theme is 'Crackle Paint'.

I love crackle paint. LoVe! LoVe! LoVe!!! 
A ton of different results can come from the same product depending on the thickness applied. 

I used an A5 notebook as a substrate and Tando Drainpipe Elements to decorate.

I first painted the notebook cover with DecoArt black gesso and let dry. Then painted a thick coat of DecoArt Weathered Wood.

When the weathered Wood had dried, I applied a thick coat of DecoArt Media crackle paint. 

(The thicker the coat of crackle paint, the bigger the cracks. If a thin layer of the crackle paint is applied then hairline cracks will appear. Here is where the different results can be seen.)

I did the same with the drainpipe elements. But after the crackle paint had dried I then painted them with DecoArt Premium Acrylics. 

(By doing this the cracks made by the Weathered Wood and Crackle Paint are covered, yet texture can still be seen.)

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Toodles for now,
Lisa xxx 

Here are all the products I used, which are all available on the Tando Website.

Set of Drainpipe elements   Media: Black Gesso   Weathered Wood   Media: White Crackle PAINT   Media: Ultra Matte   Diarylide Yellow Premium   Burnt Sienna Premium   Cadmium Orange Hue Premium

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